HELLO, everybody, i know its been a while, but the dust is well and surely rested, but the struggle goes on. Since the election, residents from the Ronanstown area , have sent up a new campaign, called MASTACTION CLONDALKIN. This was in responce, to a news story, in the Evening Herald on the 11 May. The article, wrote about,higher than usual amounts, of cancer related deaths and illnesses in the ronanstown Garda station. One resident , who lives behind the station contacted me,in relation to her brother, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour last year. We held a public meeting on the issue, and decided to set up MAC. We dont think there isnt any coincidence in the number of cancer illnesses and deaths in both the station and area surrounding the police station. We hace called on the dept of health to do a immediate survey of the area, to conclude if a cancer cluster exists,if the dept of health, drag there feet on the issue, we intend to do the survey ourselves. We have collected over 2,000 signatures, and are calling on the relavant bodies, to help us on this issue. WATCH THIS SPACE.

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