Mast Action angry at silence from the Dept of Health

Six weeks ago a delegation from the north Clondalkin area, met with the Minister for Health Mary Harney. The delegation was there to submit their preliminary study in relation to the high numbers of cancers in the North Clondalkin area. A spokesperson for the Mastaction Clondalkin (MAC) said,” we are extremely angry at the lack of responses from the Dept of Health, initially we where hopeful that the department of health would take up our concerns and do some sort of investigation regarding the effects of mobile phone masts and electrical pylons in our area. As since, we haven’t heard a word, not even a phone call. Is this how government’s treat their citizens. People have died and will die in the future if nothing is done about this issue”

Following the snub from the Dept of Health, Mastaction Clondalkin will be holding a picket outside the Ronanstown Garda station this Thursday at 7pm the 8 November. MAC has said ” the people of this area, have been left with no choice as to take these actions. This will be one of a series of the actions, which we will be conducting in the coming months, to highlight the issue of phone masts/ electrical pylons in this area. We will take our campaign to the streets and the Dail if we have to, people power is our only voice”

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