Mastaction responds to new report on overhead electricity lines and overhead cables

Mastaction Clondalkin has responded on the recent report commissioned by the Department of Communications in relation to the feaseabilty of putting high tension electrical pylons underground. Spokesperson for the group Gino Kenny said,” It’s now commonplace that electrical pylons in continental Europe are redirected away from residential areas or put underground. It may be more expensive to put the cables underground, but when it comes to people’s health there can be no price put on peoples wellbeing” The Mastaction group have been lobbying the Department of Health to do a health survey of neighhoods which are in close proximity to electrical pylons and mobile phone masts.

Mr. Kenny said ” international studies have shown there is a direct link with high tension electrical overhead cables and certain form of cancers, especialily child leukemia. The pylons such as the one’s that run through the North Clondalkin area, need to be studied on what impact they are making to residents health”. The independent study concludes that underground cables would be approximately 5 times greater than the cost of of overhead lines and 3 times the life cycle.

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