Goin to the Wall St!!

Hi Everybody, sorry so long in updating my blog, I’m not a blog person honestly, does anybody read them.. Well anyways, Capitalism has seen it’s worst week since 1929. The financial meltdown shouldn’t been underestimated, money is the blood of capitalism, and when it;s in short supply, banks are hitting the deck daily.The blow back will be felt in the next 6 months, when the ripple effects hits the general economy. People will surely ask, what kind of system is this, that governments have to bail out enormous banks, the casino capitalism that gones on the money markets is nothing short of the lunatics running the asylum.In the next period, Socialists have to raise the awareness of the madness of the system, and that another form of organising society is possible, not for the greedy bankers, but for the people. In Solidarity Gino

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