PBP Clondalkin Newsletter No.2

Save our Crèches.

Last December SIPTU called a day of action over the attacks on community Crèche facilities around Ireland. In the past, funding for crèches came from the European Social fund and this money was used to subsidize staffing costs. As these made up 90% of all costs, it meant that people could avail of the service between 60 and 80 euro each week. In Clondalkin alone there are many such facilities. Some of these crèches are now under treat of closing from budget short falls. Childcare and Crèche facilities are a social right for any parent. 30,000 families rely on these crèches to be able to work. If staff are lost, because of funding, the project will have less children, less children will result in less subvention and in turn a smaller grant. There is a danger that once the project loses staff, it will collapse as it will start a downward funding cycle.

These cutbacks are just the tip of the iceberg for communities across Ireland. The banks of this country have been bailed out to the tune of billions, and we will have to pay for their economic criminality. What social purpose does speculation and greed serve? None!! We need to be strong both community wise and trade union wise on the issue of community childcare. These cutbacks affect everybody. If the protest in December by crèche workers was anything to go by, the government will have an enormous fight on its hands.

Gino Kenny

Clondalkin to lose 210 bus service and curtailment of 78A.

The Route 78A will have at least 20 departures per day cut from the existing timetable. Everyone knows that this is one of the most used buses in Dublin. There will most certainly be longer gaps between bus services on the 78A.

By undermining the frequency of the service in this area Dublin Bus will force people away from using the buses and lead to further cuts and more redundancies.
Any cuts to Route 78A will be terrible for the people of North Clondalkin who rely on this service to get to work, to town , to schools and hospitals.
On top of this they are getting rid of the 210 Route which connects the people of Bawnogue with Tallaght hospital. How crazy is that?

Dublin Bus tells us peak hour service on 78A will not be affected. But what about the times off-peak when many elderly people, shift workers, outpatients to hospitals and school children rely on the service?

The company’s plans make no sense economically. By taking buses off and dismissing drivers, it will cost the taxpayers much more in the long run. More petrol, more pollution, more congestion, greater C02 emmissions.

Public Meeting “HANDS OFF OUR BUSES” Monday 9th February 8.15pm

Ballyfermot United Sports & Social Club on Blackditch Road (opposite Swimming Pool) Speakers from National Bus & Railworkers Union and local residents associations.


With one local and a general election under our belt, and the numerous battles fought against cuts too valuable resources like community employment schemes and childcare facilities. The struggles for badly needed services for both the young and not so young in the community will always be an issue.

Being involved in local issues and having an in-depth knowledge of issues now of our Community, has put us on a good footing for the local elections. It has never been so urgent too use your vote and show this present Government enough is enough. In this current economic climate of massive unemployment, tax increases that take from those who need it most (bank bailouts) and give to those who need it least.

You don’t have to look too far too see the absolute injustice that the two tier society the Government has created for themselves and their cohorts. It’s so important that we have an alternative to the right wing polices of the FF/Green Government. A local voice like Gino’s is so important. All you need is too want change strongly and believe it is possible then channel your anger at the Government by various means. From just voting, too getting involved in local groups, and helping us in the election campaigns, you can make a big difference. What we need is a movement of People. As a person who has lived in North Clondalkin all my life, it will be an honour for me to be director of elections for Gino in this year’s local election.

Georgina O’Halloran
Director of Elections Clondalkin.

Solidarity with the people of Gaza.

Israel’s murderous attack on the people of Gaza, has brought worldwide solidarity for the people of Gaza. Anybody that saw the terrible suffering of the Palestinian people will be well and truly shocked by Israel’s brutality. An international campaign is now underway to boycott Israel both economically and politically. You can choose not to buy Israeli goods such as fruit and vegetables when you are shopping. Remember that 10 Dunnes Stores workers in the 1980’s refused to handle South African produce in their store in Dublin city centre. That international boycott was an inspiration for the anti apartheid movement across the world.

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