There’s Ministers out of the Cabinet they think it’s over, it is now!!!

There wont be better days like this. When you see Fianna Fáil cannibalise each other. The Addams family would have more functionality that Fianna Fáil at the moment. But wait, it gets better. Just imagine going around the doors as a Fianna Fáil supporter and asking people for their votes. I would think even the best stunt men or women in the world would give that a miss.

Micheal Mc Dowell said in the 2007 GE, this was the election to loose. Well he was so right, in fact he lost himself, but Fianna Fáil won. And now they are taking the pain.

It’s what they call in Geo Politics, Blow-back. But there will be better to come. To see the humiliation of a Party that have been the High Kings of Gombeenism and shoddy clientelism will be a day to celebrate..There’s better days than this to come!!