A Vote for Fine Gael is a Vote for Fianna Fail

For a moment I felt sorry for Brian Cowen on a human level today, he looked demoralised and bedraggled on the unfolding events.

His and FF’s Annus Horribilis had just gotten more horribilis. The moment I did feel empathy was a moment I assure you, then I came to my senses to the bigger picture.

OK, there will be a new captain on the FF Titanic, but the Iceberg is on the way and its some iceberg, the metaphor for the Irish economical disaster that has gone from the abstract to our payslips.

Most workers will have noticed that they are down up 10% on their wages, essentially that’s our Tax iceberg, the Goldman Sachs iceberg and there’s plenty more to come from the vampire Capitalists.

Regardless of what happens or less Labour do a U-turn on a coalition partner, we will have Enda Kenny as leader. I don’t know about you, but I regard Fine Gael as as bad as Fianna Fáil. Their policy of Slash and Burn on the public service is akin to Maggie Thatcher and the Tories.

They will continue almost the same policies as FF. They will do the dirty work in serving the financial vampires our hard earned tax to keep their shareholders happy, you literally could make it up.

Fine Gael are no alternative, they are just FF in drag and with lots of lipstick.

A vote for Fine Gael is a Vote for Fianna Fail.