Solidarity with the People of Egypt

The last week has been a watershed in the Middle East. The scenes and jubilation has been an inspiration to all right minded people who want to see revolutionary change in the World. This is the real revolution of people, the real liberation of people power across Egypt.

This is what real democracy looks like when people come on the street and collectively use their labour power and people power to bring one of the worst dictator’s to fall. What’s really galling is the horrid hypocrisy of the West. The United States government is suddenly saying they are on the side of the Egyptian people, while at the same time, they have funded the Egyptian Army for the past 30 years.

The same bullets that where moaning people down on Egyptian streets, where the very same bullets funded by the US state department..The Egyptian revolution is an inspiration to anybody who wants to revolutionary change not just in the middle east but globally.We here are preoccupied by this general election, but the real basis of real radical change is in Tahrir Square. Let’s hope some of the that revolutionary fervor comes to island.