The Time is Now!

This Friday you will get a chance to make a difference. You can send out a message of hope – that we are going to stop the government cutting our incomes.

I am appealing to you to come out and vote. With your support I can take a seat in this constituency and send a message to the political establishment. But I need as many Number 1 first preferences as I can get from Clondalkin.

You probably already know my policies. I will stand up for working class people and call a halt to bank bail outs and money for bondholders. I want to use the money that is saved to reverse the Universal Social Charge and the cuts to Social Welfare.

I want to stop a Fine Gael government cutting another €18 a week off the Jobs Seekers Allowance or imposing water charges on us. A government led by Enda Kenny and propped up by Labour will not improve our lives. Fine Gael are the party of the millionaires. They are loaded with money and have spent €3 million on this election campaign. When they get into government, they will act like Irish Maggie Thatchers and, if Labour are in coalition, they will go along with them.

We will need a strong voice of opposition to stand up for working class people. If I am elected, I will be sitting alongside TDs like Joe Higgins and we will help people to resist the new cuts.

I have grown up in North Clondalkin all my life I know all about the problems of the area and have represented many people as a Councillor. A political voice is needed in and outside the Dail to represent people of this area in the fight against the cuts and for the battles ahead.

The biggest issue I encountered in this campaign was the question: “How do we know you will be different?”

My answer is that I have never taken a penny in junkets while I served as a Councillor. I have also pledged to only take the average industrial wage rather than the big, fat salary that TDs get. I will use the remainder to fund campaigns and for social justice in this community.

I have been told that I should not canvas some areas because there is a low turn out. But I have called to nearly every house in Clondalkin – because I believe this election is different.

Up to now the government has gotten away with attacking PAYE workers and those on social welfare because they thought they could get away with it. You will notice that the only group they dared not fully attack were pensioners because they protested and voted.

If you turn out in large numbers and vote for someone who will resist tax hikes and cuts, the political establishment will get the message.

Enough is Enough.