Protest against Dublin Bus cuts April 1st

Before Christmas Dublin Bus announced the changes they are making to bus services in the Clondalkin area. Many were outraged by their proposals and their short consultation period. About 200 people turned up to meetings held in Rathcoole and in various areas in Clondalkin. On the 2nd February a consultation was held in Clondalkin library and about 30 people attended a protest organised by Cllr Gino Kenny (People Before Profit Alliance). Many more came to make objections to the plans and petitions with over 3000 signatures were handed in to Dublin Bus.

Since then there has been virtually no correspondence from Dublin Bus. We believe that the changes will start taking place in April, this seems likely from information on their website. Cllr Gino Kenny and Cllr Brid Smith (People Before Profit Councillors in Clondalkin and Ballyfermot) are therefor calling a protest on the 1st of April at Dublin Bus Head office on O’Connell Street. Many communities across the city are facing the same cutbacks and we hope to bring everyone together to fight them.

Protest against Dublin Bus cuts

Fri 1st April, 12-2pm

Dublin Bus HQ, O’Connell St

Implications of the cuts for Green Park/Clondalkin:

Dublin Bus wants to amalgamate services and proposes that the 68&69 bus routes will integrate with bus services at Clondalkin village or the Red Cow Luas Station. The plan will result in Green Park no longer having a direct bus service to city centre.

Bus routes 68&69 will now terminate at the Red Cow Luas Station.

No integrated ticketing system has yet been established so that could mean that passengers will have to buy two tickets.

The 51b/c will be amalgamated with route 13 which goes to IKEA in Ballymun. Cross-city routes causes delays, are more crowded and will mean less busses on the road.

51d and 210 will be scrapped.