For Land and Horses in Clondalkin. Why can’t we keep horses!



A few weeks ago a number of horses where pounded by the South Dublin County Council. The horses where taken from the fields in Clonburris adjacent to Bawnogue. Most of these horses where locally owned and well cared for by their owners. The Council have now refused to give them back to their owners, unless they have an alternative place to stable the horses.This has been an ongoing situation with the Council and responsible horse-owners in the Clondalkin area. As people who keep horses young and old ,all we wont is to have a safe and suitable place to stable and keep our horses in this locality.

There is plenty of unused land in the Clonburris area that will never built on.This land is owned by absentee landlords that have no interest in the people of Clondalkin.Why cant this land not be used for something productive to benefit all the community?

Many people in the Clondalkin have to stable their horses well outside the Clondalkin at huge expense to their owners. We are asking as people who keep horses as a passion and hobby that we need a place of our own to keep our horses. We have no problem in the DSPCA monitoring the horses health and well being at anytime. We would like to see a pilot scheme done in conjunction with ourselves, SDCC and other relevant bodies where land can be leased on a one year basis to horse owners, this in our opinion would be the best way forward for all involved.

The last time the horses were pounded anti social behaviour, drug abuse and joyriding escalated. In the last few years with the horses back in the area the crime rate has dropped,it has given the youth responsibilities and a direction in life, a place to keep horses and to develop skills and to pass on to the children of the area that will grow up in our community.

We are now calling a PROTEST AT 4PM on Thursday 31st March outside South Dublin County Council Headquarters in Tallaght to demand the Council give our horses back and more importantly address the issue of land for horse owners in the Clondalkin area.