Clondalkin horse owners stage a sit in at South Dublin County Council offices.

Last Monday Morning in Clondalkin two horses were impounded by South Dublin County Council (SDCC). The two Cob horses were owned by brothers Alan and Patrick Murphy who live in the Bawnogue area of Clondalkin.

The horses in question have access to proper stables and land in the Saggart area of South Dublin. The horses were impounded near Alan and Patrick’s house in an adjacent field near their home.

Alan had planned to take the horses back to Saggart that Monday morning, but woke up to realise the two horses were gone. SDCC have stated that in order to retrieve the horses back from the pound the brothers will have to pay €1250. This is money that they don’t have. They are willing to pay the cost of chipping and Pass porting the horses, but they are not in a position to meet the costs which the council are seeking.

After five days if the money is not paid in full the pound can legally destroy both horses. These horses have been cared for and managed in a very caring way over the years, it is a shambles that healthy horses can be put down just because we cant pay this fine.

We are asking the Council to waiver the transport cost of removing the horses and give the owners back their horses.

Local Clondalkin Councillor Gino Kenny who is supporting the sit in said,” We are here till the Council gives the brothers a guarantee that the horses will not be put down by the weekend. These horses are perfectly healthy and are well cared for. Just because somebody can’t pay a fine, the punishment is that a horse can be put down, this is the real animal cruelty. I’m here to show my support for the brothers and horse owners in the Clondalkin area. We are not moving till SDCC gives a commitment that the horses will be given back to the Murphy brothers, if that means staying here all night so be it.”