Dublin Bus’s proposed cutbacks to public bus services in Clondalkin/ Rathcoole

Bus services across the city are being slashed. Dublin Bus’s new Network Direct claims to be about delivering a better service but it is really about taking 200 buses off the roads.

The result is that all over Dublin people are being left without a decent bus service. It is the most vulnerable that are suffering – the elderly, disabled and people with young children need regular bus services that cater to their needs.

Dublin Bus announced the cuts to the Clondalkin area buses in late December. Following this more than 2000 signatures were collected on petitions against the cuts. These were handed in to Dublin Bus together with written objections and proposals. Since then no information has been received about the cuts and the implementation is likely to take place in June.

Speaking about the proposed cuts in the area Cllr Kenny said,

“It is an absolute disgrace that public transport is being cut at a time of recession, when many more people rely on it. It is also outrageous that it would be cut when we should be encouraging people to leave their cars at home to protect the environment.

The real agenda behind the cuts is creating so-called “profitable” routes to prepare for full-scale privatisation. If the cutbacks go ahead it will have a profound effect on public transport in our community. Because once a service is run down, people tend to not avail of the service anymore because it becomes irregular and not time friendly for passengers.

Our campaign is stepping up all across the city – on June 11th there will be a protest in Clondalkin at 2pm and at the same time communities will be protesting in Ringsend, Dun Laoghaire, Ballyfermot, Crumlin, Inchicore, Finglas, Ballymun and Whitehall.

On June 18th all the campaigns will protest together at Dublin Bus Offices on O Connell St at 12.00 noon”.

Implications of the cuts for Clondalkin/Rathcoole/Newcastle:

The 68 and 69 will now terminate at the Red Cow, depriving Rathcoole and Newcastle from a direct city centre service.

The 76 will no longer go through Ballyfermot. There are many connections between people in Ballyfermot and Clondalkin and this cut will have a big impact for those people.

This cut will come into effect in early April.

The 51b/c will be amalgamated with route 13 which goes to IKEA in Ballymun. It will take the 51c route and 51b will therefor be scrapped.

The 78a will be amalgamated with route 40 going to Finglas. Cross-city routes causes delays, are more crowded and will mean less buses on the road.

210 will be scrapped.