Gino Kenny condemns South Dublin County Council over its handling of protests.

In a question put by Cllr Gino Kenny to South Dublin County Council in relation to the impounding of two horses in the Bawnogue area of Clondalkin five weeks and the subsequent protests that followed. SDCC stated that they spent €10,500 on the impounding of the horses, legal fees in relation to the court injunction and staff redeployment to deal with the protest.

In last Monday’s Council meeting Cllr Gino Kenny who has supported the protesters over the issue of getting the horses back to their rightful owners said

“This is truly outrageous. The Council have spent this amount of money in order to defend their position of not giving in to public pressure. The Council was offered that the fine would be paid in full only two days over the deadline, yet they chose to spend this outrageous amount of money in not letting the horse owners get their horses back. It’s truly outstanding that they can get away with this as a public body and not be accountable to us the citizens of this county.

It brings a phrase to mind. That it had to destroy the horses in order to save them”

Cllr Kenny also had a motion debated at Monday’s Meeting regarding the Control of Horses Bye Laws. He has asked that the present Bye Laws be reviewed especially in relation to five day period of payment.

Cllr Kenny said

“This Bye Law is income discriminatory and there should be some flexibility in regards to paying of the fine. If a person or persons is willing to pay over a longer period, say 21 days, then the person should be accommodated, rather than see their animal be destroyed by financial red tape”.