Councillor Gino Kenny calls on Dublin Bus to urgently review its new bus services 13 and 40 that services Clondalkin.

People Before Profit Clondalkin Councillor Gino Kenny has called on Dublin Bus to review its new revived routes the 13 and 40 to and from Clondalkin. Both routes were changed recently as part of Network Direct. The new 13 bus service has a cross city connection between Ballymum and Clondalkin. The 40 route which was the old 78A has only a cross city connection between Finglas and North Clondalkin.

PBP Councillor Gino Kenny who campaigned earlier on in the year to save local bus services said:

“Both services were changed recently as part of Network Direct. This was meant to be a more improved service for its users. Unfortunately this hasn’t been the case. What we said to Dublin Bus earlier this year that longer routes which have to cross the city will lead to delays and longer waiting times for passengers.

Dublin Bus needs to urgently review the services that have been changed. Both services have to cross the city so this will inevitably lead to backlog of buses stuck in the city centre.

Members of the public have contacted me in relation to the non show of timed buses and waiting times. As a user of both services I have found that at times the bus either doesn’t shown or two arrive at the same time.

I’m now calling on Dublin Bus to now review both services and make passengers have confidence in the service to the public.”