Councillors call on unions to protect Council Workers.

Councillors from all over Ireland, many of whom were involved in organising the mass rally at the Stadium last Saturday condemn any instruction emanating from Phil Hogan’s office to local authorities to create “Household charge collection teams” that will target non payers and knock on peoples’ doors after April 2nd.

Councillors are calling on all council workers throughout the country to refuse to carry out any instruction to target homes and knock on doors on grounds of health and safety.

Cllr Gino Kenny who is the Conveyor for the Clondalkin Anti-Household Tax Campaign said: “I’m calling on the workers’ unions, particularly SIPTU and IMPACT to inform management that any such instruction will be resisted by them and that the Minister’s instructions could put their members safety at risk. Council workers must not be put in the front-line for implementing a hugely unpopular and unjust system imposed by the Minister for the Environment.

“The majority of people have rejected the premise of the idea of a tax on their homes. The idea that the latter day absentee landlord comes to your door for his yearly due is ridiculous. If there’s any knocking on doors to be done let the Minister do it himself.”

The Campaign against the Household Tax in Clondalkin will staging a protest outside Council Buildings Clondalkin this Saturday at 11AM to mark the Government’s deadline to pay the charge.

Also the campaign nationally will be protesting outside Fine Gael Ard Fheis this coming Saturday starting in the Garden of Remembrance at 1PM