Income apartheid if councils go ahead with scheme to fund local services linked with the amount raised through the Household Charge

People Before Profit Clondalkin Councillor Gino Kenny speaking after Saturday’s successful national demonstration outside Fine Gael’s Ard Fheis said:

“The notion that Councils will use the lack of funds obtained by the non compliance of householders is income discriminative. What you will have is financial apartheid according to geography and what you are earn. In essence it would mean that poorer areas of the county would suffer, while more wealthier areas would benefit from paying the tax. It means if the parks and roads don’t get cleaned it’s your fault.

The concept is abhorrent in all its conception. I as a Councillor would be calling for a vote of no confidence if the County Manager of SDCC implements any such idea that areas get punished for non-compliance of paying the Household Tax.

The majority of people in Clondalkin and Ireland have boycotted the household Tax. It has been a stinging endorsement against the Irish Style Poll Tax been introduced by the Fine Gael/ Labour Government. People have rejected it by two to one. We know we have won the first round in this battle, but the war is the complete abolition of this tax.

The Government will pontificate that non payers are denying local funds to fund local services, this is pure blackmailing nonsense. Local services have been slashed over the last four years by successive budgets.

The 170 Million Euro local Government Fund was cut last year. This begs the question. Where has that money gone to? It has gone to pay the gambling debts of Irish Banks via international bondholders. This is the Socializing of the Debt nationally locally”