Gino Kenny calls for inquiry into non-use of CCTV in North Clondalkin.

People Before Profit Councillor Gino Kenny has called for inquiry into the installation of CCTV cameras in the Neilstown area. The CCTV cameras were installed in 2007 at the Neilstown Shopping area and Collinstown Park. But since there installation which cost of over one hundred and ninety thousand Euro ( E190,000) they have never been used or monitored.

The reason for their  installation was to stop drug dealing at the Neilstown Shopping area. Councillor Kenny said,”The cameras have become ornaments for the past number of years. It’s unbelievable that taxpayers money has been spent on these cameras and basically they have never been used or monitored. The CPLN (Clondalkin Partnership) which have ultimate responsibility in relation to the matter have questions to answer on how for the past number of years they have left in their current state.

If 190,000 Euro was spent on any project in this area and it was never utilised as in this case surely as a citizens we would be asking questions.  In the past year there has been talk of Ronanstown Garda Station taken responsibility of the monitoring of the CCTV cameras but this should have been done from the start rather a community based monitoring system that was never going to work. Personally think the money should have been spent on something more progressive other than CCTV camera to prevent drug dealing in the North Clondalkin area.

From the start this project has been a debacle. I will be tabling a motion in the next SDCC Clondalkin area Committee asking CPLN to explain their actions over the past five years. I’m now hoping that with all the monies that have been spent on the CCTV that at least the CCTV could be utilised used in someway for the community”