Anti Household Tax Campaign in Dublin Mid-West to step up action in September

The Dublin Mid West campaign of the Anti Household Tax has said it intends to picket Dublin Mid West TD’S who support the introduction of the new property tax. At a packed activists meeting this week in Clondalkin, activists agreed that when householders who haven’t paid the €100 charge receive notice from South Dublin County Council that the campaign intends to organise public meetings in all three main areas of the constituency. It was also agreed that the campaign would target sitting TD’s constituencies offices who support the charge.

People Before Profit Councillor Gino Kenny who conveyed the meeting said ” There has been a Mexican stand off since the end of March with boycotters of the charge and the Government. A lot of kites have been flown over the summer in what the precursor to the household tax will take the form of. It now looks like the government will introduce a property tax that will be collected by revenue. If the revenue is the collecter of the tax, this begs the question. Where is the money going into. Central coffers or to fund local services?”

“This will mean for example a semi detected house in Clondalkin at current market rates will have a property tax of between €500 to €800 a year. Meaning the household tax will rise six fold over the next year. Now the campaign intends to protest outside the four government TD’S that were elected to Dublin Mid West to show there will be massive opposition to any introduction of a property tax”