PBP Councillor calls for Householders to stand firm as first letters are issued in relation to the non registration of the Household Tax

People before Profit Councillor Gino Kenny has called on homeowners to stand firm as the first of the letters are issued by South Dublin County Council to relation to the non registration of the Household Tax.

Cllr Kenny said” This is the first shot across the bows of householders that have made a conscious decision not to pay the household tax. This will be one of three letters that will be sent to homeowners that have refused to register. The letters will get more threatening in the coming months, and will threaten the homeowner with court action if they do not pay”

The letter states that because the homeowner didn’t register before the 31 March deadline they have accumulated late fees up to €27, making the charge now €127.

Councillor Kenny who is spokesperson for the Campaign against the Household Tax in Clondalkin reiterated;

“What we are saying in the campaign locally is to stand firm and don’t be bullied by these letters. Over 45% of homeowners in the SDCC and the country haven’t registered for this charge. They can only bring a fraction of people to court, and when they do, householders will be defended in a court of law. People that  have refused to register have made a courageous decision to send the government a message that they are refusing to pay. It’s their democratic right to boycott this charge”