PBP calls for immediate termination of South Dublin County Council’s Contract with Cantour Equine Limited over High Court Ruling

Clondalkin Councillor Gino Kenny will be tabling a motion at June’s meeting of the county council in which he will be calling for the immediate termination of Cantour Equine Limited’s contract with South Dublin County Council. The contractor is responsible for the rounding up and disposal of equine in the South Dublin County Council area. A recent High Court Ruling found that Cantour Equine Limited was in breach of the implementation of the Control of Horses Act 1996 in it’s disposal of equine in 2011.

Councillor Kenny who has consistently called for a review of Horse Bye Laws said:

“The contractor in question has breached its own contractual obligations  to South Dublin County Council. I am amazed that as far back as July 2011 the council were aware of these serious misdemeanours. It’s simply implausible that a company such as Cantour is still the functioning contractor. The contractor clearly mislead the council in 2011 in making it believe that horses that were deemed to rehoused were later destroyed. Again I reiterate the question what happened to the other horses that were deemed rehoused since 2011”

“I will be tabling a motion at June’s county council meeting calling on my fellow councillors to support my motion to immediately expunge Cantour Equine Limited’s contract to the council in carrying out the bye laws in relation to the disposal of equine in the county. It will be a vote of no confidence in the contractor in carrying out any further obligations in relation to the disposal of horses under the bye laws. The contractor in my opinion has lost all credibility in its ability and duty in this jurisdiction.”