“Property Tax has become a Double Whammy”

Resisting the Household Charge
Resisting the Household Charge

People before Profit Councillor Gino Kenny has said the Property Tax has now become a double whammy tax for householders who have complied. This follows on from the governments announcement that their initial policy of 80% of the tax collected going locally would now be far shorter than the attended figure.

Councillor Kenny said,

“People begrudging paid the local property tax this year. They did it with a peg in their nose knowing all to well this was a stealth tax on their homes. The carrot on the end of the stick was that this tax was going to pay for local services. It has now come to light that the government’s 80/20 distribution of funds from the tax will not be implemented. 20% of the tax was meant to go to the local government fund centrally and the rest to the perspective council in which it is collected. This will not be the case”

“In fact the property tax has dovetailed into a double whammy tax for householders who have complied. The government is using some of the local property tax which they collected this year to set up Irish Water. Irish Water was set up to install water meters in every home by 2105 and charge people for usage of water. So instead of paying for local services which people were made to believe it’s now being fuelled into Irish Water so you pay another stealth tax. It shows the real intention of the government’s policy all a long. That this has more to do with paying of socialised debt and complying with the Troika”