Cllr Gino Kenny launches his local election campaign

gino_2014_smallPeople Before Profit Clondalkin Councillor Gino Kenny announced today that he will be standing in the forthcoming local election. At his election launch earlier this week Councillor Kenny said he was looking forward to the challenge and political engagement on the doors in the upcoming local elections.

Cllr Kenny said, “I’m very proud to once again represent the people of the Clondalkin Local Electoral area and the People before Profit Alliance in the forthcoming election. There is an enormous amount of anger out there after six years of economical austerity. Working people have been ground down by the fatigue of austerity, maybe these upcoming local and European election’s voters will get their chance to hit back at the parties who are endorsing this austerity agenda”.

“I would like to think I have worked hard and People before Profit Alliance have given some political hope in times of hopelessness over the past five years. I believe the main issues that will dominate this year’s election are the introduction of water tax in 2015, the debacle of the distribution of the property tax and the chronic shortage of social housing. I hope in our campaign we can send a political message out that there are political choices other parties have made namely the Labour Party which have sold working people out”.

“The ongoing issue of an equine management plan in Clondalkin is an issue that I believe passionately about and will be continuing regardless of the outcome in May 23rd. I think having a Revolutionary Socialist in and outside the council chambers breaks the mould of political consensus and that was all to evident in last December’s budget when I was the only Councillor to vote against the Council budget because of the scandal over Irish Water and the Local Property Tax. Let the canvassing begin!!”