Clondalkin residents join the battle against Irish Water


Clondalkin Street Meeting

Over 40 residents of Neilstown joined a street meeting on Monday evening to discuss the response to water metering in their estate. Last week Irish Water had informed residents that metering will begin in the next few weeks.

In response People Before Profit Alliance Councillor Gino Kenny called a street meeting on a green area in the middle of the estate. At the meeting residents agreed to fight the water charges and the installation of meters. Many expressed anger against the mainstream political parties, especially the Labour Party, for introducing stealth taxes like the household tax, property tax and water charges. They all vowed to punish these parties in the upcoming election, as well as getting involved in local protests.

Cllr Gino Kenny said: ‘People have simply had enough of taxes and charges. Most people in Clondalkin just don’t have the money to pay for water. People Before Profit will organise more street meetings in estates where metering is due to start and we hope that other areas will be as determined to fight as the residents in Rowlagh. This is only the beginning.’ These local protests against meters will link up into a mass protest in September.