People Before Profit can make historic breakthrough on May 23rd

pbp_logo_newThe anger on the doorsteps is greater than ever before. People all over Ireland feel betrayed by the mainstream parties – they promised so much and delivered nothing but pain.

But the movement of opposition is steadily growing day by day. People Before Profit offers working class people a grassroots fighting alternative to the mainstream parties.

People Before Profit is standing 45 candidates across the country and Cllr Brid Smith is standing for Ballyfermot in the locals but also for the Dublin MEP seat.

People Before Profit is about people power as the path to change. Voting for a People Before Profit candidate will give a voice to movements on the streets- you are returning a ‘disturber of the peace’ who will use the councils to build the movement.

Time to overcome demoralisation

For a long time workers in this country voted for Fianna Fail- who maintained a working class base by promising economic advance and using republican rhetoric when it suited them.

In the last General election most workers switched their vote to Labour only to be dropped into bitterness as they were betrayed.

This has created a deep cynicism in a lot of working class people. It’s understandable that people are disgusted at the corruption and lies of the political establishment.

But if we want to build a viable movement for change we can’t hand seats to the mainstream parties to carry on robbing us blind. We have to vote in fighters who will use their seats to expose the system and build the movement against the Water Tax.

Enda Kenny wants you to sit at home and not vote! If we don’t vote he wins.

On May 23rd lets have a riot at the ballot box and punish the parties that have betrayed the people.

Vote for People Before Profit Local Candidates! Vote Brid Smith for MEP!