Determination of Greyhound workers forces Buckley to negotiate

Cllr Gino Kenny on the picket line

It emerged last evening that Greyhound workers, at a mass meeting on the picket line, have agreed to suspend the blockade currently under way at the a Crag Avenue depot in Clondalkin after Greyhound director Michael Buckley finally agreed to meaningful direct negotiations with the workers.

Speaking from the picket line People Before Profit Cllr. Gino Kenny, who was also summoned to court under threat of imprisonment, said ‘it’s a testament to the workers that they have stood solid in their determination to protect their jobs and their rights. It’s a disgrace that they have had to put up with the William Martin Murphy-style tactics of Michael Buckley to get to this juncture’.

Also speaking from the picket People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett said ‘Workers across the country owe the Greyhound workers a huge debt of gratitude for standing firm in the face of the despicable bullying tactics employed by Mr. Buckley and the Greyhound company. It was only the workers determination to face imprisonment that finally forced Mr. Buckley into meaningful direct negotiations. We can only hope now that Greyhound conduct these negotiations in good faith and come to a fair agreement that is acceptable to the workers. People Before Profit will stand solidly with whatever decision the workers make in an attempt to find a resolution to this dispute’