South Dublin PBP Councillors walk out of Council Meeting today

Paul Murphy TD being arrested
Paul Murphy TD being arrested

The arrest and continued detention of Paul Murphy TD and Jobstown resident Scott Masterson prompted the three People Before Profit councilors to walk out of South Dublin County Council’s monthly meeting. This walk was an act of solidarity, so they could join the ongoing protest at Tallaght Garda station.

Cllr Nicky Coules said “These arrests are a threadbare attempt to blacken the anti-water charges campaign. In the council I called on other councilors opposed to the water charges to join us. It is time to get past mere rhetoric.”

Cllr Gino Kenny said “We are acting in solidarity with those arrested. Joan Burton’s visit was a provocation, given her record in decimating working class areas such as Jobstown. Any self-respecting public representative would have stood with his constituents in that situation.”

Cllr Ruth Nolan said “Those arrested were pulled from their beds by Gardai at 7 this morning. On the other hand it was reported on the same morning that Irish businessmen held secret accounts in Switzerland. They will never have to suffer that indignity.”


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