PBP Councillors call for support for Dunnes Workers

dunnes_strikersPeople Before Profit Councillors Ruth Nolan and Gino Kenny have called for full support for the Dunnes workers.

In a statement, Cllr Kenny and Nolan said,

‘The current strike at Dunnes is a 21st century battle over precarious employment. Dunnes staff are only guaranteed 15 hours work but these hours may be spread over the week. They are not entitled to fixed hours and a first claim on any extra work that becomes available.

‘Employers often use a strategy of keeping workers in insecure conditions to stop them pressing claims for higher wages and better conditions. This happens Ireland does not have statutory protections for part-time workers seeking more hours because our governments never fully implemented the EU’s Part-Time Worker Directive. If it had been implemented, Irish workers would have a legal entitlement to avail of more hours as they become available.

‘In 1913, there was a major battle in Dublin over the issue of union recognition and gaining security for casual workers. More than a hundred year later, we could see an increase in casual employment if the Dunnes workers are not successful. A lot people from both Clondalkin and Lucan are employed and shop in Dunnes Stores. Were calling on everybody to show their support to their fellow neighbours and solidarity with their fellow working people. We all have a stake in their victory.”