Councillor Gino Kenny Condemns Racist Attack on family in Clondalkin

graffiti_clondakinLast Wednesday night two masked individuals sprayed racist graffiti on a house in Lealand Avenue. Prior to this incident the family’s car had their car tyres slashed on two separate occasions. This is clearly a grotesque level of intimidation to drive the family out of the locality.The family that have been targeted have been living in the estate for past six years. The family are a very quiet family and have a very good relationship with their neighbours.

Last Saturday afternoon  we organised an impromptu solidarity meeting for the family when most of the family’s immediate neighbours turned up to show their disgust at this vile act. The neighbours of the road are sickened by what’s happened and want the family to stay. Saturday was a show of solidarity that these acts are not in our name and never will be. Racism is a cancerous poison that needs to be weeded out and isolated by solidarity and neighbours and communities coming together. The acts of a few will never intimate the many.”

Some pictures of the removal operation below: