People Before Profit TD and members express shock at tragic death of Sligo Councillor Seamus O’Boyle

People Before Profit TD, councillors and members across Ireland today expressed shock and sadness at the loss of Sligo Councillor Seamus O’Boyle

seamus_o_boylePeople Before Profit in Sligo today issued a statement which said, “Seamie O’ Boyle was a working class hero. His life was a testament to everything good in the human spirit. Seamie had it hard growing up. He was born an orphan in the 1950’s and spent many nights on the streets. For some people this start in life would understandably have been too much, but Seamie came to a political conclusion – life is not fair but it can be changed with courage, honesty and human decency. Seamie had all of these qualities in bucket loads. He spent his life building a family, solidifying friendships and fighting for the working class.

People Before Profit met Seamie six years ago in the middle of the economic crisis. From the start, Seamie knew two things instinctively. Working people didn’t cause the crisis, but they would be forced to pay for it without a fight back. Seamie spent his last years building this fight back. He joined the Sligo Workers Alliance in 2009 and People Before Profit in 2013. We took this as a genuine badge of honour. Whether it was a campaign for home help workers, a fight for marriage equality or a campaign against water charges, Seamie was always in the thick of it. His politics were simple and progressive – for people power, democracy and social justice against discrimination, inequality and scapegoating.

Seamie was incredibly proud to have been elected and he threw himself into his council work with gusto. This is only one small part of Seamie’s legacy. He leaves a loving family, lifelong friends and a reputation for decency that will live on in his community. We salute a fallen friend and comrade. The fight goes on for a fairer Ireland”.

Richard Boyd Barrett TD said, “All of us in People Before Profit are absolutely shocked at this tragic loss. Seamie was a fantastic community and public representative who worked hard campaigning against austerity including most recently, fighting water charges with the Right2Water Campaign. I send my deepest sympathies to his family”.