A Radical Alternative Vision for Ireland- People Before Profit’s 3 day Conference

pbp_conference_2015A Radical Alternative Vision for Ireland – don’t miss the People Before Profit’s 3 day conference 18th, 19th & 20th September – This is an opportunity to contribute your ideas for an alternative Ireland.

Meetings on: Greece, Spain, Ireland- Debt, austerity and resistance;
Pro-Choice – why we are for a woman’s right to choose;
An alternative economic agenda – for people not profit;
The battle against the water charges- where now?
Building a New Left.

Speakers include: Clare Daly, Paul Murphy, Richard Boyd
Barrett, Brid Smith, Ailbhe Smyth, Kieran Allen.
PLUS: workshops and much more.

Privatisation, increasing taxes and charges, homelessness and the return of mass emigration – the legacy of the last eight years of neoliberal austerity. Is this the Ireland that the revolutionary generation fought for?

We need an alternative to the political establishment. Fianna Fail,
Fine Gael and Labour are all addicted to austerity, and will continue to be so if they are returned to power in the next general election.

But as the Greek experience has shown us, it is not just a matter of electing an alternative government, however positive that may be. A strategy of ‘people power’ will be essential to bring real change – a society that will cherish all equally, that will put people before profit.

The massive ‘Yes’ vote in the Equality referendum, and the continuing boycott and protests against water charges, demonstrate the huge appetite for a diff erent type of politics.
This is an opportunity to contribute your ideas for an alternative
Join the debate.

€10 waged/ €5 unwaged
Creche: If you will need creche facilities, please contact us in advance.
Accomodation will be available with PBP supporters. Bring your
sleeping bag.
There will be a bookstall with a wide range of titles for the weekend.
Phone: +353 872839964
Email: info@peoplebeforeprofit.ie
Web: http://peoplebeforeprofit.ie/