Gino Kenny Welcomes Proposed Site for Equine Club

clondalkin_equinePBP Councillor Gino Kenny has welcomed the proposed site for an urban horse project within Ballyowen Park Clondalkin. The located site is just off the Fonthill Road . The Part VIII process is a eight week public consultation which members of the community, civic bodies and development projects can make submissions. Cllr Kenny is a founding member of the Clondalkin Equine Club which was set up in 2012. He has been a strong advocate for responsible urban horse ownership since he became elected in 2009.

Cllr Kenny commented on the proposed site,

“I think this an extremely exciting development for the Clondalkin Equine Club. The club deserve enormous credit in getting it to this juncture.  I have been working very closely with the club over the past three years in lobbying the local authority that this is a sustainable project not only on welfare grounds but financial terms as well. Over the past few decades there has been numerous efforts to set up an equine project in Clondalkin but for a variety of reasons it never came to fluition. I believe that in this proposal it gives every chance that finally we’ll see a social horse project become a reality in Clondalkin. In recent years we have heard only bad news stories about the treatment of equines. Hopefully with the advent of this project it will give specifically young people access to equine education and a safe and affordable place to keep their horses”