PBP Councillors Vote Against South Dublin County Council Annual Budget.

pbp_logo_newAt last Thursday’s SDCC annual budget meeting PBP voted against the budget for 2016. The three PBP Councillors Gino Kenny, Nicky Coules and Ruth Nolan recognise and acknowledge that the budget was generally progressive in nature. We welcome the social aspect to this year’s budget which includes an increase in the window and doors programme, extra spending on homelessness provision, community grants and the new Travellers Accommodation Grant.

The increase in the (RAS) Rental Accommodation Scheme budget of 2 Million Euro shows the lack of will by central government to seriously tackle the lack of social housing in the county. This is the privatisation of social housing by means of lining the pockets of private landlords. The main reason for opposing this budget and previous budgets has been the inclusion of the (LPT) Local Property Tax. The LPT equates to 6% of the budget. The property tax is a regressive tax on the family home and is an austerity tax on working people. PBP along with many others fought a long campaign against the introduction of the LPT. It’s on this count that we feel that this budget is been compromised and tainted by this unfair tax.

Press Ends

Cllr Gino Kenny

Cllr Ruth Nolan

Cllr Nicky Coules