New Tenants Purchase Scheme Comes With A Caveat From Irish Water

X_Irish_Water_billsThe governments new tenant purchase scheme comes with a caveat. Any existing tenant who wish to avail of the tenants purchase scheme will be ineligible on the basis that all outstanding monies are paid to Irish Water.

The scheme comes into effect at the beginning of January.

Cllr Kenny” This is an act of desperation and discrimination by Irish Water. They are cognisant that in local authority areas there has been massive campaign of non compliance in relation to water charges. What is even more bizarre is that you have a semi state company putting the lean on potential buyers to pay up or else. It’s extraordinary what Irish Water will do extract money from tenants whether they are local authority, private or privately renting. People Before Profit Alliance Councillors in South Dublin County Council will tabling a motion that SDCC doesn’t give into this kind of blackmail by a company that has lost all credibility”