PBP TD Calls for a regeneration plan for St Cuthbert’s Park in Bawnogue

St Cuthbert’s Church (Picture Ed Mooney Photography)

St Cuthbert’s park was upgraded in 2004. It’s comprises of 35 acres which is public open space for the communities of Deansrath, Kilmahuddrick and the Bawnogue general area.

Speaking about the need for regeneration and community ownership of the green space newly elected TD for the area Gino Kenny said,

“Over the past few months the park has attracted a lot of negative activities. Dumping of rubbish, the irresponsible use of scramblers and more recently stolen cars breaching the perimeter walls and been set a light. The local safety forum and others are doing all they can to try and make the park more amenable and user friendly. The park should be and could be a green space where all the community can utilise for all aspects of sport, leisure and more importantly a place to be proud of. At present the park is under utilised in all these aspects. Giving the historical significance of the link with St Cuthbert and the building within the park it’s imperative that a viable plan is put forward. I would appeal to the local authority and other civic bodies to make the regeneration of St Cuthberts park an immediate priority for the community over the coming year”