UPDATE 17/11: Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2016 will now be debated on December 1st

dail_chamberUPDATE 17/11 from Gino Kenny: The Medicinal Cannabis Bill is now going to be debated on the 1st December at 7.30pm in the Dail. Thanks to the other TD’s in bringing it forward! Make It Medicine- Make It Happen.

People Before Profit TD, Gino Kenny, is delighted to announce that the People Before Profit Cannabis for Medicinal Use Regulation Bill 2016 will be discussed in the Dáil in December.

The Bill will be discussed during AAA-PBP Private Members Time on December 16.

Deputy Kenny said:

“We are very happy the Bill is being discussed in December but we had hoped that we could have had an earlier date for this. It is unfortunate that it cannot be debated sooner. We are hoping that there will be no more delays in the process of this Bill.

“Yesterday, we had a very emotional meeting with parents, including Vera Twomey, who need this medicine urgently for their children to help alleviate their suffering. It is vital this this Bill be debated and passed through the legislative process as soon as possible”.