No access for wheelchairs at some Clondalkin bus stops

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A LACK of wheelchair-accessible bus stops in Clondalkin has led to major restrictions for residents with a disability, according to People Before Profit Councillor Madeleine Johansson.

Cllr Johansson has called on South Dublin County Council to make bus stops in the Bawnogue area wheelchair-accessible.

She said: “If an individual in a wheelchair wanted to get the bus from the Melrose or Lindisfarne estates to the city centre or the village they would have to make their way to Bawnogue Shops or to Kilcronan to find a wheelchair accessible bus stop. Currently all bus stops on the Lockview Rd towards the city centre are not accessible for anyone in a wheelchair.

“This is a major restriction for a person with a disability which could lead to isolation and mental health problems. The majority of Dublin Bus buses now have wheelchair capability and the council must ensure that bus stops are accessible for those who need to use the service.”

“I have contacted the council about this issue, and the area engineer is currently carrying out an examination of the area. I sincerely hope that the council will take action on this as soon as possible and am looking forward to receiving the area engineer’s report.”