TD calls on Minister Ross and TII to fund measures to save cyclists lives on new Luas tram lines

Photo: Lois Kapila

Gino Kenny TD has called on Transport Minister Shane Ross and Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) to look into taking measures that could potentially “save cyclists lives” on Dublin’s new tram lines.

The TD said simple rubber infills should be placed at key busy junctions that could allow cyclists to safely move over the tracks while not affecting the movement of trams.

Deputy Kenny said he was shocked by the number of incidents he had personally witnessed in the city where cyclist wheels had become stuck

in the rail tracks and cyclists had been thrown off bikes.

“Its quite scary to witness, the problem is the volume of traffic at busy junctions and the fact that cyclist are moving over the tracks at angles that lead to their wheels getting stuck.

“In other European countries, a simple rubber device is placed in the rails that will support cyclists moving across the track.”

Deputy Kenny (who is a keen cyclist) has asked both the Transport Minister and TII if they have commissioned any reports on the feasibility of such devices in Dublin and if they have not, will they now?

“Cyclist safety has to be the main issue here, the numbers of cyclists in the city are growing and the congested nature of our city means we have to find a way that cyclists and trams can coexist. This measure could save lives and I think it’s regrettable that TII or the minister hasn’t looked into this before now.”