Gino Kenny TD and Vera Twomey to attend medicinal cannabis presentation by leading American Doctor at the House of Commons in London.

Gino with Vera Twomey

In a statement this afternoon, People Before Profit TD, Gino Kenny announced that he will attend a medicinal cannabis presentation by a leading American Medical Cannabis Doctor, Dr. Frank D’Ambrosio, in the House of Commons tomorrow

Dr D’Ambrosio, who has been campaigning for access to medicinal cannabis in the United States for the past twenty five years will give a presentation to MPs in the House Of Commons tomorrow afternoon. A host of leading MPs who have been campaigning for access to medicinal cannabis in Britain have also been invited. Dr. D’Ambrosio will be outlining how many patients in the UK and Ireland are suffering unnecessarily because of the delay in legislation. This will be a very timely debate as the Conservative government have announced a full review of access to medicinal cannabis. This is as a result of recent high profile cases in which medicinal cannabis access has been denied to some as a treatment

People Before Profit TD, Gino Kenny says: “I’m delighted that I have been invited to this presentation as its very timely considering the ongoing debate in Britain and Ireland. I first put the Bill for medicinal use of cannabis to the Dáil almost two years ago now and it is extremely frustrating that the government have stalled the progression of the bill. It is now time for the government to stop playing politics with the bill which was voted by a majority of the Dáil last November to progress to committee stage. Each day that it is delayed by the government denies many people the chance to benefit from the medicinal use of cannabis as a treatment.”