Gino Kenny TD To Hold Press Conference On Wednesday Nov 7th With Parents Of Children That Need Access To Medicinal Cannabis

People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny will hold a press conference on Wednesday 7th November with parents of children who need access to medicinal cannabis.

The press conference will be held in the Boardroom of Buswell’s Hotel on Molesworth Street at 10am.

Deputy Kenny will be joined by Vera Twomey, Danielle Davis, Hannah Deacon, Callie Blackwell, Karen Gray (Bios below).

Just today the British government has allowed for medicinal cannabis to be prescribed by a specialist for a limited number of conditions.

Deputy Kenny’s Cannabis for Medicinal Use Regulation Bill 2016 is currently under an effective embargo by the government as they have imposed a money message on the bill despite the fact that last year, almost to the day, the Dáil voted by a majority to pass the bill on to the detailed scrutiny stage.

This unnecessary hold up is preventing children and others who could benefit from access to medicinal cannabis from obtaining it.

The Minister’s Compassionate Access Programme and Licencing system are extremely restrictive to many people who could benefit.

What is needed is for the Medicinal Cannabis Bill to be allowed progress to the committee stage where it can be scrutinized and if necessary amended.

Vera Twomey

Vera Twomey’s campaign to secure a licence for her daughter Ava (8) made national and international headlines. Her campaign forced the government to rethink their policy on the issue of medicinal cannabis in November 2016. She continues to campaign for greater access for the many individuals who can benefit from medicinal cannabis.

Danielle Davis

Danielle Davis’ daughter Sophia (7) became one of the first successful applications through the Home Office Expert Panel to be given a licence for medicinal cannabis in July 2018. Her daughter has a rare genetic condition called Dravet syndrome. Danielle lives in Newtownards Co. Down.

Hannah Deacon

Hannah Deacon’s son Alfie (8) became the first person in Britain to be issued with a medicinal cannabis licence in June 2018. She has met the British Prime Minister Theresa May to highlight the change of law needed to address the lack of access to medicinal cannabis.

Callie Blackwell

Callie Blackwell is one of the leading medicinal cannabis activists in Britain.   Her book “The Boy in 7 Billion” tells of how she gave her 14 year-old son illegal cannabis oil after being told he had less than one week to live. Four years on, her son Deryn now 18, is doing very well.

Karen Gray

Karen Gray lives in Scotland. Her son Murray (8) suffers from Myoclonic-Astatic Doose Syndrome. He suffered up to 300 seizures a day. He was granted a medical cannabis licence (Epidiolex) in August 2018. Her petition to the NHS for greater access has gained over a quarter of million signatures.