Budget proposals to make corporations pay rejected by councillors.

A proposal by Solidarity councillors in South Dublin supported by People Before Profit has been rejected by the majority of councillors. The proposal would have seen an increase in rates of 33% for any rate-payer paying over €500 000 in rates. This includes predominantly large multinational corporations located in the large centres such as Grange Castle.

People Before Profit councillor Madeleine Johansson commented: “It is disappointing that councillors have rejected a proposal which could see an increase in housing provision in the county. While the Government should take responsibility and fund large scale housing projects, the councils should in the meantime take whatever action possible to end the housing crisis.”

“We voted against the Budget despite some positive measures because once again the council is failing to take radical action on housing.”

People Before Profit councillors for Tallaght South Emma Hendrick said: “We want to see large multi-national corporations pay their share towards our public services including housing provisions. Many of these businesses have already benefited from public funding through infrastructure being provided by the state on sites in Grange Castle and other locations. Now that the economy is recovering corporations should contribute to solving the housing crisis.”