PBP TD Welcomes the Reduction in Impounding of Horses in South Dublin County Council for 2018.

According to figures released by SDCC 147 horses were impounded in 2018. 5 were reclaimed. 34 were rehomed and 106 were euthanised. In 2017 227 horses were impounded, 5 reclaimed , 11 rehomed and 211 horses were euthanised. This was a reduction of 32% from the 2017 figures.

Deputy Kenny who has been a long time campaigner for alternatives to impounding said,

“These figures for last year are welcome. It marks a sizable reduction in the impounding of 2017. I hope that impounding will continue to incrementally decrease over the next few years. I also welcome the rehoming of horses which were impounded in 2018; up from 11 in 2017 to 34 in 2018. This will amount to tens of thousands of euro being saved by the local authority in impounding costs.It is encouraging that there are horses being re-homed rather than being put down . It is still too many but hopefully the figure will continue to fall.”

“Stronger enforcement and stricter regulations by the Dept. Of Agriculture around equines has made a difference to the overall figures. There is a still a huge body of work to be done around equine welfare across the state. There is a place for the horse in rural and urban settings for both sport and leisure that is sustainable in terms of animal welfare and good equine practices.”