Gino Kenny TD Criticises State Agencies Over Lack Of Consistency Around CBD

People Before Profit TD, Gino Kenny, said today that a recent raid and seizure of hemp flowers from a legitimate business is evidence of the chaotic and inconsistent operation of the law in relation to hemp products.

A small independent business in Galway was raided and had their stock of hemp produce seized by plain-clothed officers under instruction from Dublin Customs. The officers then proceeded to forcefully enter and search the owner’s home causing deep distress to the family.

The owners operate a legally compliant and above board CBD business, selling hemp as a food product while observing the necessary food regulations as per the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI). The hemp is double tested to guarantee being under the 0.2% THC legal limit. It arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity from the supplier and is re-tested in Ireland independently at the shop owner’s expense to ensure compliance with the legal THC limit.

Deputy Kenny said: “It would appear that there is disparity between state agencies with regard to hemp or CBD products that is indicative of the chaotic and often hysterical approach to cannabis by the State. Levels of THC below 0.2% are legal, yet this perfectly legitimate shop had to endure a raid and seizure by law enforcement agents who did not appear to recognise that the shop owners were doing nothing wrong.

“It really is time for Ireland to move out of the dark ages when it comes to cannabis products. I have been working hard since I was elected to have an honest and sensible debate about cannabis, and particularly its usefulness when used medicinally. While we have made some progress, which I hope will continue this gross over-reaction and lack of consistency in the practice of the law around CBD/hemp products needs to be sorted out immediately.

“I will be raising this in the Dáil with the Minister for Health and hope that we can instil some sensible thinking, consistency and uniformity between agencies in relation to the law around cannabis/hemp products. It really is time for proper regulation across the CBD industry in Ireland,” said Deputy Kenny.