Video of launch of PBP document “A Better Dublin is Possible”

Watch video of our Dublin local election candidates at the launch of “A Better Dublin in Possible” document which provides an outline of the parties vision for the capital city.


Dublin is a vibrant, multicultural city which is brimming with energy, culture and humour. But it also has many problems.

The housing and homelessness crisis is particularly acute in Dublin; traffic and congestion clog up the city like never before; CO2 emissions are having an awful impact on people’s health and the environment. Concert tickets are extortionately high. Dublin has also become a quite dirty city with some back streets becoming dumping grounds for waste and smoke billows out of the Poolbeg incinerator.

People Before Profit candidates will stand up to unelected council managers and Fine Gael dominated central government to bring about the real change that can make Dublin a fairer, cleaner and more inclusive city.

In the “A Better Dublin is Possible” document People Before Profit outline the steps by which our vision for Dublin can be achieved.

Transport– Invest in bus and suburban rail and move to a free service; create proper cycle ways; make more free bikes available; reduce car usage by incentivising people to cycle and use public transport.

Air and Water quality– we want more air monitoring stations and rapid action where limits are breached; light up Dublin at night using smart lighting; invest in water treatment facilities and ensure real time monitoring of water quality.

Arts and Culture– A monthly late open culture night; publically run and subsidised city centre artist studios; community mural schemes.

Street life– Free Wi-Fi available in Dublin city centre; drinking fountains to end the dependence on plastic bottles; street furniture so people are encouraged to utilise public space; parks and green spaces; urban living rooms where people can sit an chat to others; shopping centres as public realms.

Housing– Build public housing on public land; stop rising rents; vacant property and sites to be CPOd for public use; give council tenants their rights; stop gentrification.

Leisure– Children’s play areas; allotments and community vegetable gardens; dog runs in public parks; cycle greenways; save our public swimming pools; public gyms and free open air gyms in public parks.

A Social Economy– Community working hubs, run under local libraries; encourage co-operatives for elderly care in the area (get HSE contracts to do so).

Workers’ Rights– Support workers struggles by opening up council buildings to help workers co-ordinate their struggles; make Dublin a Trade Union town- no favours for anti-union businesses; no tenders for non-union firms.

Waste– Take bin collection and services back into public ownership; annual free ‘big waste collections’ for recyclable furniture; smart solar bins around the city; make Dublin plastic free.

Rates and Finance– cut rates for small business and increase for big corporations- link rates to profits; a small tourist levy to help fund the city; no payments for consultants.

Download A-Better-Dublin-Is-Possible-People-Before-Profit as PDF file