Medicinal Cannabis Symposium To Take Place This Saturday At The University Of Limerick

Organisers of a medicinal cannabis conference at Limerick University this Saturday 21st September have said they are delighted at the level of interest there has been in the event. Speakers at the sold out event include medical practitioners, parents, policy makers and advocates for greater access to medicinal cannabis

Alicia Maher who is co-organising the event and is studying in the university said:

“ I have first-hand experience of the potential and benefits of medicinal cannabis. At this conference I want to share my experience about how medicinal cannabis has made a significant difference to my life. Now that the law has changed for the better we need to tell the government that we want those that suffer from chronic pain to be included in the forthcoming Medical Cannabis Access Programme.”

Professor Mike Barnes who is a prominent advocate for the medicinal use of cannabis in Britain and is one of the key speakers said:

“This is a really important event. It brings wider attention to the issue of better availability of cannabis for medicinal use in Ireland and Britain. The prescription is far too restricted and many thousands of people who would benefit from the medicine are still being denied.”

Hannah Deacon’s son Alfie is the first person to obtain a licence for medicinal cannabis in Britain and she will be speaking about greater access to medicinal cannabis for children with drug resistant conditions. She said:

“I am delighted to be invited to speak at this important conference, especially following legislative change in Britain and Ireland.  I really look forward to speaking to other parents and advocates and working together in the future to effect change in this area.”

Gino Kenny TD who is co-organiser of the event said:

“It’s really apt that this conference is taking place in the year when there has been policy change both in Ireland and Britain. It promises to be a great conference where people can share their experiences, educate themselves and see the potential health benefits of medicinal cannabis. With the change in the law last July, for the first time Irish based medical practitioners can now prescribe cannabis as a medicine. That’s enormously significant. It is now 130 years since the death of one of Limerick’s most famous physicians, Dr. William Brooke O’Shaughnessy, so it is fitting that this important conference will take place in the city of his birth.”