High levels of air pollution in Palmerstown and Knockmitten, Clondalkin. Gino Kenny TD expresses alarm at the unsafe levels

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Deputy Gino Kenny has expressed grave concern at the unsafe levels of air pollution in estates near to the M50 in Palmerstown and Clondalkin.

The People Before Profit TD said that Traffic Infrastructure Ireland (TII) monitors a number of locations including sites at Red Cow, Knockmitten, Woodfarm Acres and Palmerstown Village. At all locations, readings of nitrogen dioxide exceeded the EU limit of 40 micrograms per cubic meter at least once this year so far.

Deputy Kenny said: “On the M50, the highest concentrations are within 10 metres of the motorway edge, with levels falling to background concentrations around a distance of 50 to 75 metres.”

Nitrogen dioxide is an air pollutant caused primarily by traffic fumes. It is harmful to human health and can cause serious illnesses such as asthma, COPD and other lung conditions.

“I am concerned about the health implications of these excessive levels of nitrogen dioxide for the people in the Palmerstown and Clondalkin area. There are also sports pitches close to where these high levels have been recorded and it is completely unacceptable that people are being exposed to the potential harmful effects.

“I am calling on South Dublin County Council to immediately draw up an air quality action plan for the estates near the M50. I will also be demanding increased funding from central government to develop more efficient and effective public transport and cycling infrastructure in the area.

“These elevated levels as a result of increasing volumes of traffic need to be addressed as a matter of priority. This is part of a wider environmental issue and the growing climate change crisis, and we need to start radically addressing these issues urgently, both at a local and national level,” added Deputy Kenny.