Plans to change use of Newcastle building from a community centre to dwellings deemed “completely inappropriate”.

32 Ballynakelly Edge Newcastle highlighted by red box

People Before Profit TD says: “The area desperately needs to retain the premises as a community resource.”

Dublin Mid-West TD, Gino Kenny, has submitted an objection to the change of use of the existing building at 32 Ballynakelly Edge in Newcastle from a community centre to residential.

The submission is in relation to Strategic Housing Application 305343 for 406 residential units at Newcastle South and Ballynakelly, in Newcastle, Co. Dublin.

Deputy Kenny said: “The application to change the use of a much-needed community centre from the purpose for which it was built to residential is completely inappropriate.

“There is a lack of community facilities in Newcastle already and with another proposed 406 residential units, this need will increase dramatically. There is a particularly pressing need for community spaces for young people in Newcastle so the area desperately needs to retain the premises as a community resource.

“South Dublin County Council has acknowledged the need for community space and have stated publicly that they are currently looking for a community space in the area. It therefore makes no sense whatsoever to abandon an already constructed community centre.

“The Local Area Plan first published in 2012 mentions community facilities and specifically refers to youth facilities near St Finian’s Community Centre. However, due to the lack of development along the main street these facilities have not yet materialised. It would be more appropriate to use the existing community building at Ballynakelly for this purpose,” added Deputy Kenny.