People Before Profit Responds To Brexit Deal

People Before Profit response to Brexit deal between Boris Johnson and the EU: 

People Before Profit do not support a no deal Brexit. We are resolutely opposed to it, and support moves to avert such a scenario.

We do not accept, however, that it is Boris Johnson’s deal or nothing. The threat of a no deal Brexit cannot be used to railroad through an agreement that is not in the interests of working class people.

People Before Profit will look through the detail of the latest deal between the British government and the EU. We are concerned that the deal will strengthen efforts by the Tories to enact a race to the bottom, and potentially open doors to a regressive agreement between Donald Trump and Boris Johnson that could lead to the erosion of public services.

We are also concerned that the proposal to subject custom rules to a vote every four years in the NI Assembly will further entrench sectarianism and could potentially lead to a hardening of the border in future.

The Tories do not command a majority in parliament, and they have no mandate to negotiate on behalf of people in Ireland. People Before Profit would like to see a no deal scenario definitively ruled out, and an immediate general election called, to allow people the opportunity to bring the Tory government down.