MARXISM 19 | November 22nd-24th | Alex Hotel Dublin

A Planet to Save – A World to Win

The often-quoted warning from revolutionary socialist Rosa Luxemburg that society is at a crossroads, either Socialism or Barbarism, is obviously incredibly relevant today. Each week brings new reports and figures showing how capitalism and its addiction to profit is destroying our environment and killing the planet’s biodiversity.

At the same time, 2019 has seen the global movement of resistance to climate catastrophe grow from the incredible student strikes to the radical actions of Extinction Rebellion. The slogan system change not climate change has been demanded by the movement, raising questions of what sort of change do we need?

Join us for a weekend of socialist ideas and debate to discuss this question and much more.

Key themes: System Change not Climate Change // Class Struggle // Women’s Liberation // Racism and Resistance // Marxist theory // LGBTQ+ Liberation // Internationalism // Socialist Strategy // Fighting the Rise of the Right

Organised by the Socialist Workers Network

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