Attack On Sinn Féin TD Shows Agenda Of The Far Right

Last week, Martin Kenny, made a strong speech in the Dail condemning those who said that asylum seekers were being ‘dumped’ in Ballinamore. ‘Dumping’, he said, is a term you use about garbage – not about human being beings who have much to contribute.

Afterwards he received abusive texts and threats. Last night, thugs visited his house to set his car alight.

It is now clear that Ireland has a fascist problem. What started as a ‘we are not against asylum seekers – but not too many here’ attitude has given cover to the far right to emerge.

Their message of hate relies on violence. They first try to identify with community fears – but then harden it to create an atmosphere that stops any dissent.

A tiny minority of organised fascists are trying to gain a base in rural Ireland. The attack on Martin Kenny’s house shows their method of operation.

People Before Profit expresses its solidarity with Martin Kenny and will support every effort to stop fascists getting a base here.